My internet business

Yournetbiz - I'd like to take some time to explain the still relevantly new online business that is My Internet Business.

With pre-made sales pages and a ready made business, your job as an associate of My Internet Business is to market, and drive traffic to your website. These prospects are then shown the official tour of the business, explaining every section of the business and how it works.

The business is designed to be as automated as possible, freeing up time for you as a marketer to focus on driving the traffic and spreading the word of My Internet Business, your prospects questions are answered by a team of trained Personal Business Assistants (PBA's), and the follow up process is all taken care of right to completion of the sale.

The only hard part of My Internet Business is deciding who you will work with in the business. It's the most important decision you will make in the business, and you have to find out exactly what your chosen sponsor can offer you, to give you the edge, and the best chance of being a huge success as a new associate. Make sure your potential sponsor is readily available to answer your questions. If you are struggling to get your questions answered before you join, imagine what it would be like getting them answered, and getting the 1 to 1 advice you need after you have joined.

My internet business

The Compensation plan in My Internet Business is designed to be of high earning potential. Its creating alot of the internet marketing worlds richest people, and there is a never ending potential for new members. When you make a sale at the platinum level, the commission you earn is $2000. Also you will earn $500 on every platinum sale made by every member of your team, this is to ensure you are given all the correct marketing techniques and every secret there is by your sponsor. Not having this two tier compensation plan has been the massive downfall of previous opportunities and something that guarantees the endless life of the My Internet Business opportunity.

My internet business


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